Nadjia & Laurence: Terrace on the Park Vow Renewal

Nadjia & Laurence: Terrace on the Park Vow Renewal

Nadjia & Laurence’s Terrace on the Park Vow Renewal was such a wonderful day!!

It was a beautiful day, but cold, and Laurence was in such a rush to get back to Nadjia for their portrait session in the chilly afternoon that he fell down and scratched his hand. Because he is a very good husband. He arrived with his palm legitimately bleeding and simply used some fallen leaves to wipe his wound so that he and Nadjia could do just 10 minutes of portraits! When we got back to the car I gave him the only bandaid I had left; a Princess Jasmine one. Which promptly fell off. Laurence shrugged the fall off, and Nadjia the cold, both stating firmly that it was a “just a corkscrew”. That’s right folks, these two have adorable couple lingo! On their first date, they had trouble uncorking some Cupcake wine and the rest was history. I love how Nadjia and Laurence just go with the flow and how they’re so in sync and in their own little world. It’s really lovely and easy to be around.

This was really mostly a day to share with their family and friends, who were so enthusiastically cheering them on. You could just see and feel that every single person in that room was a #1 fan and really wanted the chance to celebrate with them. There was so much love and support throughout the day and it really reflected who they are as a couple. These two are giving and funny and are so clearly at home with each other and those they surround themselves with. 

Nadjia & Laurence, thank you for letting me capture your love!! It was such a joy and honor to spend the day and adventure with you two!! 



Dress: Stella Couture

Hotel: Springhill Suites Marriott

Venue: Terrace on the Park

DJ: All Star Entertainment 

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