If you're searching for a photographer who will make you feel comfortable, cool, and let you thrive as your true selves,  hello, you've come to the right place! I genuinely want to forge a connection, hang with you, and earn your trust. I'll capture everything, and I'll be there for you whether you need a safety pin or someone to wipe away your tears.

I'm so happy you landed here.

About Me



I cry when I laugh, my hair color is ever changing, I love afternoon tea, I'm slightly obsessed with Lady Gaga, and I'm a diehard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I am also a songwriter and I always have some sort of creative project I'm working on at any given moment!

This is me.

People fascinate me. I started photographing them with my mom's Canon A-1, and graduated to a purple digital point-and-shoot in high school which was heavily featured on my Livejournal. I'm originally from San Francisco and have a lot of pride about that, but did all my real growing up in NYC. I went to New York University, and after I graduated, I started my photography business. A few years into shooting mostly portraiture, a friend asked me to shoot her wedding, and the rest is history. I became a wedding and engagement photographer and I absolutely love it!

I've been taking photos my whole life.