Tiffany & Kryspin| City Hall, South Street Seaport, and Dumbo Elopement

Tiffany & Kryspin| City Hall, South Street Seaport, and Dumbo Elopement

At 7AM, Tiffany and Kryspin were awake and in love at the South Street Seaport. As Kryspin turned around to see Tiffany for the first time, he sweetly smiled at how beautiful she looked. As we started to take pictures, I could see that these two knew and loved each other inside out. They had such a kind way about them that was so lovely to be around.

After we were done with some portraits at the Seaport, we headed to City Hall for the  official nuptials with their friends Stephanie and Camil in tow. Stephanie served as Tiffany’s stuff-holder, and Camil provided some entertainment while we all waited in line, playing a classical concerto from his phone for all to hear and enjoy! It really livened up the 8AM crowd!

It’s always so surprising to me how much feeling a less-than 5 minute City Hall ceremony can hold. You can somehow sense all the history and love between a couple in those City Hall rooms in record time and it always renders me a bit mushy and speechless. The way these two looked at each other during their ceremony melted my heart!

After the ceremony we headed over to Dumbo for some classic and cool shots and ended with a lovely ride on Jane’s Carousel!

Tiffany & Kryspin, I absolutely loved getting to know you and am so lucky I got to be the one to capture your love on this day!! I wish you both so much happiness and a lifetime of love!




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