Adriana & Neftali | Weed Beach Darien Connecticut Wedding

Adriana & Neftali | Weed Beach Darien Connecticut Wedding

Adriana & Neftali’s wedding at Weed Beach in Darien, Connecticut was an amazing example of how everything always always always works out wonderfully and just how it’s supposed to on a wedding day! The weather through the week was up and down but this day ended up being absolutely gorgeous! The ceremony then started about an hour late but it ended up being absolute divine light perfection! It couldn’t have started at a more glorious time; the sky was straight out of a Monet painting and there was even a tiny rainbow poking thorough a cloud. If that’s not a sign of good fortune, I don’t know what is!!

Adriana and Neftali’s love matched the stunning sunset that evening. You can tell how steadfastly devoted they are to each other by the way they softly gaze at and giggle with one another–they’re so in sync and smitten and everyone around them feels warm and comfortable in the presence of their love.

Adriana & Neftali, it was an honor to photograph your big day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!!



PS Can we talk about Adriana’s amazing non-traditional black dress?! Swoon!


Event Planner: Magnolia Hills Party Planning

Officiant: Mary Pugh

Venue: Weed Beach, Darien, Connecticut & Duoro


  1. Cynthia Florenzan says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! 😍I’m so happy for you both. I wish you eternal bliss. 👰🏻🤵🏻💍May God bless your union. 🙏🏽🙏🏽
    Love you!

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