Clare & Drew | Lincoln Center & Central Park Engagement

Clare & Drew | Lincoln Center & Central Park Engagement

I adore Clare and Drew!!!

These two came prepared and practiced for their engagement shoot at Lincoln Center and around Central Park and I lived for it! They didn’t even have to warm up! They jumped right in! I loved their story about how they met at a holiday party officially after having taken care of the same friend’s dog for years without running into each other at all. Isn’t that crazy and wonderful?!  Drew is in charge of dancing lessons to prep for their wedding, and let me tell you he is all in! We did so many spins and lifts– these two were game for all of it! We even rode the carousel! I didn’t notice this until I was editing but Clare happened to hop onto a very…slightly drunk pony who photobombed a little (once you see it you can’t unsee it). The carousel made them all giddy and  it was so cute to capture. As you can see they also read a couple books. They did all of the things! The sweetest thing to witness between these two though was all the times they softly said “I love you” to each other because they’re just so smitten. It’s so lovely.

Clare and Drew, I loved adventuring Central Park and taking some shots and Lincoln Center with our fave security guards with you! Thank you for letting me capture your love and congratulations!!!




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