Colby & Chris | New York City Hall Elopement

Colby & Chris | NYC City Hall Elopement

As we waited for their number to be called, Colby and Chris recounted the origins of their relationship for me. And you guys, it is v cute. These two had had a normal working relationship until the day came. The day that Chris texted Colby to ask her jokingly if she would pick him up some Cheez-Its (she was at the supermarket, and they were having an unrelated work conversation). There were some flirty vibes about, but they hadn’t quite broken that barrier. Turns out, Cheez-Its were IT. See, Colby did indeed secretly purchase those yummy Cheez-Its for Chris and at the end of a meeting, without saying a word, plopped them onto his desk. And there the match was made. Chris even kept them unopened on his desk for months as a memento until a higher-up asked to eat them and he couldn’t say no.

Colby and Chris are clearly just so right together. The whole time we were at City Hall, their happy anticipation was infectious–they had stolen away to steal each other’s hearts officially and I could feel the electric excitement!  As they looked into each other’s eyes during the short ceremony they seemed at home and so giggly–turns out in addition to their happiness they were silently cracking up at the officiant’s Elmer Fudd-like cadence.

There is an immense trust between these two; there is an anchoring in each other that is undeniably strong, and it is beautiful to see.

Colby and Chris, thank you for letting me join you on your adventure! You two are beautiful together and I’m so happy for you! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!



PS I will always eat Cheez-Its in your honor 😉

Flowers: Farmgirl Flowers

Dress: The Perfect Dress


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