Jenny & Wilson| Chinatown NYC Engagement

Wilson & Jenny | Chinatown NYC Engagement

I have to admit that I had NO idea where I was going in Chinatown, but Jenny and Wilson grew up there and deftly helped me navigate the tiny, crowded streets. I’ve only been there a couple times over the 11 years I’ve lived in NYC–it feels almost like a different city within the city, and it’s beautifully and wonderfully saturated. I’ve photographed couples all over the city, but this was my first time spending time with a couple in Chinatown, and I totally fell in love with it and these two cuties!

Jenny and Wilson weren’t just expert navigators; I could tell that they felt at home as we set out on our adventure. They were comfortable with the terrain and it made their relationship come alive in front of me and in the camera. The pictures speak for themselves; these two are simply adorable together and their shared history in Chinatown made it the perfect place to celebrate their upcoming wedding!

Wilson and Jenny, I loved getting to know you and adventure with you in your old neighborhood! It was made infinitely more beautiful and fun with you two in it. Thank you for introducing me to delicious dumplings and toasted almond ice cream! I can’t wait to see you two again on your wedding day!




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