Anna & Casey | Dumbo Brooklyn & 26 Bridge Wedding

Anna & Casey’s Dumbo Brooklyn & 26 Bridge Wedding

I arrived to a bustling music-filled room in the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott where Anna was getting ready and immediately felt the warm and fun vibe that maintained a steady course throughout the day. Sometimes the prep room has an anxious sort of energy, but both Anna and Casey’s rooms were full of ease and joy.  

There was something about this gorgeous couple that just exuded readiness. The readiness I felt partially stemmed from the fact that a handful of those involved in the wedding (including the bride and groom) are theater stage and production managers. Hence, organization galore! The wedding was perfectly executed. The true readiness, however, lay with Anna and Casey who just seem to belong to each other in a perfectly natural way. I saw it immediately as Anna turned Casey around for their first look at Pebble Beach in Dumbo. The way these two looked at each other warmed my heart to its core.

Anna and Casey met when their friends Ron and Julie (Best Man and Maid of Honor, of course) got them in a room together. Some very real sparks flew while they watched Jurassic Park, so obviously there were dinosaurs galore in this wedding harkening back to that fateful day! The boutonnieres were dinosaur pins (obviously Casey’s was a T-Rex), there were golden dinosaurs for table assignments and canoodling dinosaurs as cake toppers. Nerdy touches at a wedding make me squee with joy– in addition to dinosaurs there were also custom Bob’s Burgers cufflinks that read “thank you for being there” and “thank you for loving me” . There’s kind of a childlike beautiful magic dinosaurs bring to anything though–unless they’re the animated kind that want to eat you…okay, so they also bring ferocity, then! And there is a ferociously strong tether between these two and those that surround them that is stunning and unmistakable.

Anna and Casey, I’m so happy for you two and honored that I got to be with you on your very special wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!



Photography: Sydney Angel

Hair & Makeup: Miss Harlequin

Dress: Hayley Paige Blush

Shoes: Betsy Johnson

Coordinator: Chris Luner

Flowers: Artsy Flora

Catering: Creative Foods Catering

Dessert: Magnolia Bakery


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