Jessi & Alex | Central Park Ladies’ Pavilion & Brooklyn Bridge Elopement

Jessi & Alex | Central Park Ladies’ Pavilion & Brooklyn Bridge Elopement

Next to a forever tattooed passport stamp, Jessi’s arm reads “one belongs to New York instantly…” For some people, no matter how far they live, New York just feels like home. Jessi and Alex are from Germany and have only visited New York a handful of times, but it is permanently etched in their hearts–and in Jessi’s case, her skin–in a way that many of us here can understand. New York is special; when you feel in your soul you belong, you just know it’s home. Same goes for the other true loves of your life; Jessi and Alex belong and they know it. These two have known each other for almost two decades now–their friendship in school grew to lasting love. They know.

At home with each other, at home in New York, their adoration and ease shined bright on their summer wedding day. We started with a ceremony at Ladies’ Pavillion in Central Park. It was only about 10 minutes long, but when Jessi professed her love and readiness to Alex, I got a little choked up. Alex quickly made Jessi laugh, which was a theme throughout the day. Laughter is one of the single most beautiful things for me to witness and capture. When I see my couples laughing with each other, I turn to mush. In a way, I think laughter it says it all–and Jessi and Alex said it a lot.

After shooting around the park, we decided we needed a break from the heat! Alex could only use the sweat towel so many times! We opted for a yellow cab, because they’d never been in one. Alex hailed his first taxi ever and we headed down to the Brooklyn Bridge. Dashing bikers and tourists left and right, we found some corners for the newly married couple to snuggle up and make some photos in the middle of it all.

Jessi and Alex, it was such an honor and joy to spend the day with you two. I’m so happy that you made it official in your heart-home of NYC. You two are so perfectly matched, and I wish you all the happiness in the world!



PS Next time you come, we’re going to Champs together!!

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