Ashley & Paula’s secret proposals at North Brooklyn Farms and Brooklyn Cider House

Ashley & Paula’s Double Proposal Extravaganza

Where on earth do I begin with these adorable bbs?!?! I know we’ve all heard of a secret proposal…but how many people have been a part of a DOUBLE secret proposal? Because that is what this awesome adventure was! Ashley reached out to me first and a couple weeks later I received an email from Paula–I immediately turned into Kristen Wiig’s “surprise” character x2. I am her and she is me.

Ashley and Paula are so in love and enthusiastic about each other; it was palpable from the moment I met each of them separately. They were both so excited for their respective big days and had so many ideas and dreams floating. All they wanted for each other was to make each other happy; it was absolutely heartwarming and beautiful. It seemed like their hearts were leaping out of their chests when they spoke about each other and their plans. They both put so many personal details  into each of their surprises that made both days so special and unique.

Ashley’s proposal was first and it was at the lovely glass house at North Brooklyn Farms in Williamsburg next to Domino Park. She set up lovely lanterns and beautifully set up a little Veuve Cliquot champagne toast inside the house (over a “Mrs & Mrs” welcome mat) complete with personalized champagne glasses, coasters, and–get this–hashbrowns and cheeseballs because–get this–those are their very squee-worthy nicknames for each other. Too cute. As we waited for Paula and their dog Charlemagne “Charlie” to show up, I was effectively Ashley’s Emotional Support Animal and in all her lovely nervousness, the last thing we talked about in detail leading up to Paula’s grand entrance was her future fiancée’s Celiac. After gorgeous proposal #1, we took some photos with derpy Charlie and danced around Domino Park.

Paula’s proposal involved even more secrecy because she magically coordinated half of their friends and most of Ashley’s tennis teammates from out of town to join them. After a beautiful proposal on the patio, we took some photos with the colorful walls around The Bushwick Collective. Paula and I stalled until we were sure in our secret texts that all 30 of the guests were safely in the back room of Brooklyn Cider House. Paula elaborately tricked Ashley for a couple days leading up to the proposal so she had absolutely NO idea when she opened the doors at the cider house to find them all standing there wearing white (I know! Paula even color-coordinated them!!). Happy tears, relief, and a cheery brunch party ensued!

Ashley & Paula, I’m so lucky to have been the photographer for your double proposal! I loved spending time with both of you in your nervous and goofy moments. You’re Dai real deal and it’s a joy to capture your love, nose boops, and laughter. I’m so excited for what the future holds in store for you two!!



PS: A guide to this v unique post: Ashley’s first, and Paula’s second.

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