Rajat & Berthsy’s NYC City Hall & Dumbo Elopement

Rajat & Berthsy’s NYC City Hall & Dumbo Elopement

So…Raj and Berthsy are the COOLEST. They both exude effortless style; add to that that they’re extremely sweet, good-looking, and totally in love. It was easy breezy to get shots of these two loving on each other. They were comfortable in a way that suggests that they were always destined to be a family unit (along with Bob, their Norwegian Ridgeback pup).

Before I get into the day’s shenanigans, let’s address the FASHION here. Berthsy designed her own amazing wedding romper/dress and Raj rocked three different animals in his outfit. Berthsy imbued her gorgeous romper and train with her roots, using both Nigerian and Italian fabric. Her design was so impressive and it was a lovely tribute to her background. She paired it with beautiful Burberry Prorsum heels. Raj’s entire outfit was on point, but his shoes were the stars. White Gucci loafers with gold details and bees on the heels. The other animals included in his ensemble were a snake on his belt, bees on his tie, and a bunny on his shirt. They also designed their own rings at Macha which were absolutely stunning. So basically, these kids are stylin. Now, onto the day:

Raj & Berthsy were ready to go and practically first in line to get married at City Hall. After the short ceremony, we took some shots in the area and at South Street Seaport, then headed for the ferry to Dumbo. On the ferry ride, I jokingly mentioned that it would be fun to take a Titanic shot, totally not expecting them to take me up on it. BUT THEY DID. As you may have learned if you read my Most Romantic Movie Moments blog, the fastest way to my heart is Titanic, so this solidified my feelings about these two.

Once we got to Brooklyn, we met up with Bob and attempted to get him to pose–he was VERY excited to see his parents! With some stern commands from Berthsy in fluent Italian, Bob stayed still for a few seconds at last! After we bid farewell to Bob, we settled on the water so Raj & Berthsy could pop some celebratory champagne and have a few bites of delicious chocolate cake from Almondine.

After the celebration pit stop we got to explore and shoot around Dumbo, which is made doubly photogenic with a gorgeous couple in the frame! I convinced Raj & Berthsy to take their first carousel ride ever (proud moment), we broke some rules by hopping on some rocks at the water’s edge (sorry, security man), and stumbled on some really charming spots to snap photos. Raj & Berthsy were up for anything; I barely had to direct them because they were so naturally inclined to snuggle up to each other, make each other laugh, and interact with each other lovingly in my presence. Like I said, my job was easy!

We ended the day at a hot dog cart with a creepy baby doll on it, where the owner insisted on Raj making his own hot dog, Berthsy feeding it to him AND he himself taking a picture with the beautiful couple!

Raj & Berthsy, I am so happy for you both and loved getting the chance to capture your love in my lens and being a part of your special day! To reiterate, you guys are super cool and super pretty and it was an honor to share the day with you two, Bob, and the hot dog guy. <3


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