Best Hotels to Get Ready for Your Wedding at in NYC

I thought it might be helpful for couples planning their wedding to have a list of a few favorite hotels coming from the perspective of a photographer! With so many wonderful options, it’s hard for me to choose my favorites, but here they are! According to me, these are the best hotels to get ready for your wedding at in and around NYC. If photography is important to you, light is key in choosing where you’re going to get ready. Next would be textures that are available (the walls, the chairs etc…), and third would be the general vibe. Do you want modern? Classic? Cool? All three? It’s doable in this city! Above all, the most important thing to think about when choosing a hotel to get ready at is if you’ll be comfortable staying there, and excited to be there!

Here are the best hotels to get ready for your wedding at in NYC:

  1. The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel

The Beekman kind of checks all boxes in my opinion, and I love shooting there. It’s simultaneously cool and classic. The rooms are gorgeous; They feature beautiful wallpaper, velvet chairs, and hip watercolor rugs. If you swing for one of the penthouses, you have the added bonus of a private roof deck. Then there’s The Atrium; it is a signature of the Beekman and it is absolutely stunning. Even if you don’t use this hotel, you should go check it out.

2. The Wythe Hotel

The lofts at The Wythe are beautiful. They have floor to ceiling windows and lovely textures all around. They’re modern and industrial, but with a little warm flair, like some fun wallpaper! Portraits around Williamsburg are an added bonus!

3. Firmdale Hotels NYC

You want texture? YOU GOT IT. If you’re wanting to go the quaint, colorful route, look no further than The Whitby‘s and The Crosbys suites. Every room has different details. So fun, and so unique! I stayed at one of their properties in London. Their taste is impeccable, and you can’t go wrong.

4. The Williamsburg Hotel

Another quintessential Brooklyn hotel, The Williamsburg Hotel has a warm, bohemian, modern feel, with an iconic sign! The rooms have lots of light, and most have balconies. The bar area is a cute place for a first look, and Williamsburg is your playground for portraits. Plus, the teal-tiled bathrooms are very cool.

5. Boro Hotel

Boro Hotel is a little hidden gem in LIC. It has some beautiful textures to work with like light green wooden walls. The bar downstairs has very cool yellow light fixtures that are also fun! It also has a wraparound balcony on the top floor with views of the city.

6. 1 Hotel

Both 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge have a modern but cozy wood feel! Brooklyn Bridge is more light filled, and has better views, but Central Park is very centrally located (pun intended).

Those are my favorites! I hope this was helpful. If you’re looking for something different, reach out and I’ll try to help you out!!



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