Emmy & Mike | East Village/Lower East Side Engagement Session

From the moment I met Emmy and Mike, I was so inspired by their energy and creativity–I wanted to shoot them STAT! We obviously had to push off our engagement session quite a bit, but they took the delay in stride and kept their chins up. They have been so flexible and enthusiastic, and we were so excited to finally be able to do this! Emmy and Mike are a dream team, and are so wonderful to photograph. They’re so freaking simultaneously cool and cute, and the East Village suits them so well. We had a fun time exploring and taking shots with spray painted and stickered walls–the gritty streets of the East Village were perfectly juxtaposed with their insanely sweet and soft demeanor with one another. Mike & Emmy, I loved hanging with you for our engagement session, and I CAN’T WAIT to photograph your wedding!! 

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