Shiyao & Nick | Beekman Hotel and Bay Room NYC Wedding

Shiyao & Nick | Beekman Hotel and Bay Room NYC Wedding

I arrived at the Beekman Hotel and happened to run into Nick before heading into Shiyao’s room.  He was totally cool, calm, and collected. He was content and ready to roll and he and his groomsmen were giving me totally chill vibes. It felt as though he was kind of waiting around to be with Shiyao again which was just so sweet.

When I opened the door to Shiyao’s room, she was getting her makeup done and surrounded by her bridesmaids who were sipping on what I, as an avid tea fiend, think is one of the best inventions ever: bubble tea! Everyone was standing around her sharing their own wedding day feelings and giving her advice and comfort; it was really heartwarming to listen in.

Nick and Shiyao’s first look was straight from a movie! She gracefully walked toward Nick around the gorgeous wide open balconies in the Beekman’s atrium and gently tapped him on the shoulder. When Nick turned around he just kind of gave this happy little smile as he found Shiyao. I was on the other side of the railing and couldn’t hear what he was saying–and I know this is an odd way to put it–but I felt like I could see their hearts happily connecting with each other; happy to be home again.

After we shot some portraits at the Beekman,  we took a short walk to their venue, The Bay Room. Shiyao and Nick strolled hand in hand and got lots of oohs, ahhs, and congrats from onlookers. They even had a truck fully stop at an intersection for them for extra time because they’re just THAT pretty.

At the Bay Room, 60 floors up, surrounded by stunning views of the city, we met their families. Shiyao’s side of the family was huge and SO excited to see her and Nick! Their friends and family truly treated them like royalty; it felt like there was a crowd of paparazzi surrounding them the whole night! They were constant admirers and supporters cheering on their love. The ceremony was lovely; everyone could see that Shiyao and Nick are truly meant to be. The whole day, Nick looked at Shiyao with such kindness and pride and Shiyao looked back at her groom totally charmed and permanently swept off her feet.

Shiyao and Nick, it was such an honor to get to capture your love! Congratulations!!




Venues: The Beekman Hotel, The Bay Room NYC

Event Planner: Vision Event Co

Second Photographer: Diya Isabella

HMUA: Aki Maekubo

Flowers: Blush Designs

Videography: NST

DJ: DJ Mark Z

Music: Kristi Shade

Photo Booth: Amazebooths

Cake: Nine Cakes

Dress: Pronovias

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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