Brittany & Nick | Central Park Engagement

Brittany & Nick | Central Park Engagement

I just love these two! Brittany & Nick were visiting New York from Lexington, Kentucky.  We almost got stuck shooting in the rain, but it cleared enough and we were able to shoot in their dream location of Central Park!

Brittany & Nick are, of all things, a supermarket love story! They met at Kroger and blossomed over frozen peas and cereal boxes. Boy, are these two adorable! It was so easy to capture how in love they are with each other. Their love is so pure. Nick makes Brittany laugh uncontrollably, and I’ve said it before, but I think laughter is one of the most beautiful parts of love to freeze in a frame.

My favorite part of our journey was–all of it, but–when I made them sit together on a romantic wooden bench. Through the laughs, Brittany said to Nick “I just love you so damn much”–simple and predictable with a couple in love, I know, but the way she said it made my eyes well up.

Brittany & Nick, it was such a joy to work with you two! I hope you had fun on our park journey, and I’m also glad you got to experience the deliciousness that is My Pie pizza at the end!




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