Bushwick Engagement Session with L & S

Lauren & S’s Bushwick Engagement Session

I got to photograph two very important and beautiful people in my life a couple weeks ago! Since I HAVE to be Maid of Honor, I had to settle with photographing L & S’s engagement photos. This blog is going to be short because I obviously have to save a lot of material for their reception speech! L and I are so close that we’ve been through each others’ relationships together; we’ve held each others’ hands through the peaks and valleys and everything in between. I knew when L met S that she was something special by the way she spoke about her, and when I finally met her, I understood why. S compliments L like no other and loves her enough to run out of the house and buy her a very specific brand of champagne on command (I mean, if that’s not a soulmate, what is). S’s warm and calm energy balances L in a way I think no other person could. The more I think about them the more they seem exactly like peanut butter and jelly and the more excited I am to see them together forever and officially have S as my sister in-law. Anyway, I’ll save the rest for my MoH speech, but I love these two so much it hurts. We had a really fun time playing with the street art in Bushwick and hanging for a few shots in the studio.

L & S, you know I love you. I’m so lucky that I not only got to capture your relationship in my camera, but that I get to have you both as a part of my life every day <3

  1. Lady Saga says:

    What a story! What a friendship! What a romance! I love your photos of this beautiful couple.: Lauren & Seleta! You know how to capture their love and special moments.

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